Jan 10, 2007

Top Chef 2: I'm Like, Yo, Man! Whatever!

Marcel coasts through, as does his team. Like, yo, man! Whatever!

Our much maligned cheftestant is depicted above with his two muses: World famous has-been Vanilla Ice, the most likely inspiration for our cheftestant's white bread rap. A swan could have inspired Marcel's elegant, upswept "do," therefore his use of the French word "soignée," pronounced Swan Yeah.

Click here to view Marcel rapping. Think he would have made it through to the final rounds on American Idol?



BigAssBelle said...

oh good grief. poofy-haired nasally white boys should not even ATTEMPT to rap; this had me in stitches, especially because i think he truly believes he be bad. silly little boy, all full of himself and really just an innocent. annoying, nonetheless. and that hair. get me the fucking clippers!

Anonymous said...

i thought it was funny. kinda cute.

Ms. Place said...

Marcel WAS cute, wasn't he? So much cuter than Vanilla Ice.

I have come to respect Marcel's determination in the face of tough (bullying) opposition. This little rap session was his way to decompress.

I dish the chefs, but I hope with some humanity. The more I review the tapes of the show, the more I feel for Marcel.

Anonymous said...

right there with you ms. place.