Jan 10, 2007

Mikey's Exit Line: It's Cool to Stay Cool, You Know

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Mikey failed to pronounce chipotle correctly or use up all his team's money. With both teams performing extremely poorly (what a lackluster show - all of them were just coasting), our poor laid back Mikey's head was placed on the chopping block and he was asked to pack up his knives. Bye, bye Mikey. We're going to miss your bubbly presence!

I would have auf'd Cliff. He failed miserably in the front of the house and contributed very little to the team, barking at Elia and Marcel. Though there was no winner declared this week, in my estimation it should have been Marcel for leading his team and remaining focused. The PR winner, hands down, was Elia. She may be a tad too serious for one so young, but she showed nothing but class throughout the show!

Gracious Exit. Here's a final, final song for you, Mikey! Reel Big Fish came in person to sing you a goodbye lullabye.

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BigAssBelle said...

i liked him more last night than i have all season. he's annoyed me with his goofy frat boy routine, but i was sad to see him go, sacrificial lamb.

jinxy said...

Yeah I agree with BAB, at first I didn't like him, because he really didn't act like he cared at all. But in the last 2 shows I grew to love him.

C'est la vie

Anonymous said...

i'm the complete opposite. liked mikey at the beginning of the show but grew to dislike him. most recently i noticed that he was easily influenced by the bullies.

Ms. Place said...

Anon, you have a point. To give Mikey his due, he never joined in on the Marcel bashing.

I truly appreciate your point of view.