Jan 26, 2007

Top Chef Judge: Vote for Your Favorite Eye Candy!

Here Are Season Two's Judges so far, dahlings. Who would be your top three picks for my next Eye Candy post?

Harold Dieterle, Season 1 winner. (Ep.1 Quickfire & Elimination)

Hiroshi Shima, sushi chef. (Ep.2 Quickfire)

Ming Tsai, chef, restaurateur and television personality. (Ep.2 Elimination)

Stephen Bugarelli, TGIF senior executive chef. (Ep.3 Elimination)

Suzanne Goin, chef and restaurateur. (Ep.4 Quickfire & Elimination)
Michelle Bernstein, chef and restaurateur. (Ep.5 Quickfire & Elimination)

Anthony Bourdain, chef, author and television personality. (Ep.6 Elimination)

Raphael Lunetta, chef and restaurateur. (Ep.7 Quickfire & Elimination)

Kristen Woodward, mixologist. (Ep.8 Quickfire)

Lee Hefter, chef. (Ep.8 Elimination)

Ted Allen, chef and television personality. (Ep.8 Elimination, Ep.9 Quickfire & Elimination)

Chef Robert Ivan, ( Ep 8. Elimination)

Mike Yakura, chef. (Ep.10 Quickfire & Elimination)

Eric Ripert, chef and restaurateur (Ep.11 Quickfire & Elimination

Alan Wong, charming chef (Ep. 12 Quickfire & Elimination)

Click HERE to VOTE! You can vote for three chefs at a time!
You can also vote every day! Yeah.

Thank you, Java Junkie, for this idea!


Java Junkie said...

I had no idea how hard it would be to choose...um...ERIC RIPERT!!

Anonymous said...

A three-way with Suzanne, Michelle and Padma would be totally HOT!

Anonymous said...

my vote goes to ted allen.

Anonymous said...

Eric, Ted, and Raphael. In that order.

eric3000 said...

Well, I think I have to go with Michelle Goin as the hottest, though Eric Ripert comes in a close second.

jinxy said...

Eric Ripert is dreamy and just yummy... but I also like Ted Allen. I guess it's my secret love for the glasses. Glasses are so hot. All of my ex boyfriends and ex-husband all wore glasses, including my current b/f. I just can't resist 'em. I think I have Clark Kent Syndrome.

PeachPie said...

Ok, I tried. But I just can't pick a top three. I feel like I'd be cheating on someone.

: )

Anonymous said...

i completely agree jinxy. i also love a man in glasses.

Java Junkie said...

How about Hubert Keller? He actually raters above Eric Ripert in my book, but didn't see him...

Ms. Place said...


You are absolutely right. Hubert is divine. We will pit this Season One judge against the Season Two judge winners. What a bright idea!

(I just took a peek at Hubert. Yum, Yum)