Oct 29, 2010

Cray Cray Ending for Project Runway Season 8. Mondo Should Have Won

This sad moment was not how I envisioned the ending of this season.

I was going to write a rasping, foul-mouthed and snarling rant over the astonishing ending of Season 8 of Project Runway, but Mondo, who is such a  class act, would not approve. His final thoughts on PR and interview with Tom and Lorenzo show a generosity of spirit that neither Gretched nor I will ever achieve, and that knowledge has directed me towards writing a kinder gentler post than I had planned.

I did not outright hate Gretched's collection, though I thought her vomit and poop colors were worse than Michael C's, who was aufed for his monochromatic designs. I actually did like one or two of her pieces, and could see myself wearing them while I was taking out the garbage or disinfecting my dog from the stench of skunk spray.

Here's the thing: I liked almost all of Mondo's exciting collection except the pieces that Nina, the Unjust, and Michael, the Duchess of Orange, salivated over. And I gloried over the way Mondo overcame the obstacle of losing three of his chosen models, and how he stuck to his guns. This was HIS opportunity to shine and he wasn't going to compromise or cave in to anyone else's demands. His vision was that strong. GO MONDO!

From the moment I saw Mondo's strong point-of-view collection on T&Lo's site several weeks ago, I KNEW he had won. With the same certainty, after studying the other collections, I knew that April was in and Gretched was out. Good gawd was I ever wrong.

I had better get my instinct-o-meter adjusted, for I can no longer trust my gut.

What can I say about Teflon-Coated Gretched that hasn't been said before? This win will make her smug self-assurance even more insufferable.I can see here gazing lovingly upon her brown turd, fairy queen, hippie-bloused, baby-diapered, fortune-teller outfits and say, "I AM a force to be reckoned with. I AM THE FORCE".

Like Heidi and Jessica I would SO wear this dress. And doesn't Mondo look awesome?
How can 91% of the viewers be so wrong? In Blogging Project Runway's polls a staggering number of us thought Mondo would win and thought he should have won. On every blog site and online magazine site, the comments are overwhelmingly in support of Mondo. Only one person at work was rooting for Gretched and we figured this was because she wears Gretched-like outfits, loose drapy things that look like dishwater brown discards from a 1930's housewife's closet.

Mondo's clothes are playful and make us laugh even as we can imagine wearing them. He made me smile and feel protective towards him, and that is a rare thing. The Mondo we have all come to admire and love is a talented, gentle, sensitive, and forgiving soul, and I loved watching him come out of his shell and relishing each challenge in the competition.

The Duchess of Orange dressed Jessica in this gray mess

The Duchess of Orange did Project Runway a great disservice by strong-arming Heidi and Jessica into aufing Mondo. MK's gawdawful dress made beautiful but zaftig Jessica Simpson look like the Goodyear blimp, and he had the nerve to sniff his nose at Mondo's delightful collection, calling it theatrical. Mondo's playful designs are frankly better than MK's, who, in this instance, made a size 8 woman look like she should be floating over a stadium.

And Nina, the Unjust, should get off her high horse every once in a while and start lurking around bargain basement sales, where predictable Gretched-like outfits hang on monotonous brown and grey racks that stretch far into the horizon, unworn and rejected at even 90% off.

Awful decision. Awful aufing. I commented on Blogging Project Runway and Tom and Lorenzo's blog that I was done. And I am. This is my last post about Project Runway. It's time that this former fan moves on.

Watch as Tim Gunn discusses the final decision. Interesting.

Oct 7, 2010

Virna Lisa: 60's beauty

Our fathers and grandfathers salivated over Virna Lisa, who, like Venus de Milo, emerged from a shell in 1965 in her first film, How to Murder Your Wife. Typical of the time was the beauty spot at the corner of her mouth, her beehive hairdo, and her rounded, unmuscular figure in a bikini. Lovely Virna.

Virna Lisi in 2007