May 28, 2012

Why Would Any One in the Middle Class Vote for Mitt, Clueless Trust Fund Baby?

Want proof of how out of touch Mitt Romney is with his own upbringing and peoples' abilities to move up into the upper 1% with the deck stacked against them? Borrow $20,000 from your parents? Equate happiness with money and a house with a golf course? Puhlease!

Watch this: 

Why Would a Woman Vote Republican?

The number of women who remain stubbornly Republican mystifies me these days. Unless they belong in a cult or wistfully watch Mad Men wishing back the days when women stayed home, wore aprons and pearls and girdles as they vacuumed, and were treated like children, I can see few reasons why they would want to be associated with a party that no longer bears close association with the Reagan republicans, many of whom are being ousted from office for being to moderate and willing to compromise. This video takes the Republican quest to marginalize women to an extreme, one that is scarily true.

Mar 4, 2012

No Peaceful Assembly Allowed in Bob McDonnell's Virginia

An unarmed peaceful group protesting the detestable Virginia ultrasound law was stopped by a group of riot police armed with machine guns and kept from protesting at the Capitol steps.

These scenes prove that Republicans don't have the guts to stand in front of their actions. Afraid of middle aged women and college students, they prefer to hide like frightened little girls behind the police.