Jul 31, 2011

Airbrush Furor Over L'Oreal Ads

The uproar has been loud and my guess is that most of us have seen them. Two ads designed by L'Oreal have been banned in Great Britain. Good for them. While Julia Roberts and Christy Turlington are beautiful women, they are both over 40 and have "over forty" skin, but from the ads you would never know it. In these two photographs they are shown as they appear normally, so you can judge for yourself. I think they still look beautiful but more their age.
Still beautiful, but you can definitely see the
lines in her face

It's a bit unfair to take an image of a person who
only intends to do a bit of grocery shopping, but
it shows that Julia is just like every woman.

Now compare the above two photos with the banned ads. No wonder women feel self-esteem issues about their looks when they look at these false ads.

Was the Advertising Standards Authority in Great Britain right to ban these ads in your estimation? I for one am glad that someone is putting their foot down. Those cosmetics would in no way produce such drastic results. Truth in advertising protects the consumer. I am glad these are banned across The Pond.

Jul 6, 2011

Casey Antony Freed

This photo of defense attorney Cheney Mason at the victory celebration after the verdict says it all about the caliber of the people who made up the defense team of this lying whoring (their terms) "good" mother:

Image of Cheney Mason, Casey Anthony defense lawyer @Daily Mail
Juror Jennifer Ford cried  when the jury voted to clear Casey Anthony of
her daughter's murder.
Yeah, I agree that the prosecution did not prove the murder of this little girl by her mother beyond a reasonable doubt, but the verdict still sticks in my craw. What's even worse is that HLN (Headline News) reports that Casey wrote that if she got off she intended to get pregnant again. I am aghast.

Click on this article at the Daily Mail to read the rest.