Mar 25, 2011

Elizabeth Taylor's Violet Eyes

I have never seen Elizabeth Taylor's violet eyes in person, but always wanted to. This image is striking for showing their color, which made Warren Beatty exclaim his admiration out loud when he met her.

Rest in peace, beautiful lady. In your final years, your charity work on behalf of others made you as famous as your stunning looks, drama-filled life and fifty plus films.

Mar 7, 2011

Margaret and Helen: You Just Have to Love These Two Lil' Ol Ladies

Margaret and Helen prove that while the body ages, a mind that stays as sharp as a tack combined with a talent for writing biting satire plus years of sage wisdom prove to be a winning combination. If you are among the one or two liberals who have not yet visited this blog (their insights will infuriate other political leanings), then rush over to their blog. Here are some nuggets:
"I find it funny how universal healthcare is big government gone bad, but somehow the government crawling up my uterus and telling me what choice to make isn’t. Odd how giving patients information about end of life options is a “death squad for Grandma” but sonograms before abortions are simply souvenirs for the family photo album."
"Those lavish benefit checks on average are about $375 per week or about $1,600 per month. Only about 37 percent of unemployed workers actually collect unemployment benefits, and the unemployed workers who are not collecting benefits find a job, on average, only about one week earlier than unemployed workers who are collecting benefits."
"The thing about politics, Margaret, is that these days there really is no middle ground. Not a single candidate won their seat with a mandate. Show me a candidate who took 100% of the votes and I’ll show you a candidate with a mandate. For example, even Mr. Coons up there in Delaware represents 40% of voters who preferred a witch. And Governor Perry down here in my state is still the Governor for over 2 million Texans who voted for the other guy. Which one do you think is looking for middle ground today?"
And on and on. They remind me of my liberal mother-in-law (now deceased) who spoke from the heart. One might not always agree with them, but you have to give them kudos for their wisdom and courage to speak their minds. Really.