Aug 30, 2009

RIP Ted Kennedy

The skies opened up when Ted Kennedy was laid to rest next to his brothers, sending down beams of light. Sen. Kennedy was a complex man - a loving father and talented senator whose attitude towards women was puzzling, for I believe that no womanizer can truly respect his wife or women in general. Perhaps his second wife taught him a life lesson, for he obviously adored her. Ted Kennedy was genuinely always championing the poor, elderly, and oppressed, and he wore the mantle of the last surviving Kennedy brother well. The groups he supported have experienced a devastating loss, as has Obama, whose presidency could have used an ally with Ted's skills in the senate.

This country is the poorer for his loss, and I shall miss him.

Aug 19, 2009

Nut Jobs Get Health Care Wrong Again

Once more, Helen and Margaret are two voices of reason in an increasingly whacky America. The fear of health care reform has spiraled out of all proportion. The British, whose benevolent health care system was under attack, mounted Twitter counter attacks to some of our more insane, less humane attitudes towards our failed health care system. Instead of well-reasoned conversations, people shout slogans at Town Hall debates, comparing Obama to Hitler, and holding up incredibly stupid signs. Here then, are H&M's words:
And what’s all this crap about killing your grandmother? Are you people honestly that stupid? This has become less an argument about healthcare reform and more a statement about our failed education system. Margaret, I don’t know what plans you’ve made up there with Howard, but down here with Harold, we have living wills to determine how we will leave this world when the time comes. Mine states that unless the feeding tube is large enough for a piece of pie, I don’t want to be hooked up to it. Harold, of course, says his can only be connected to him if the other end is connected to a bottle of single malt scotch.

Let's hope these two protesters meant to be ironic. Frankly, I think they demonstrate the level of I.Q. that these anti-health care reform people probably have.

I'd been getting tired of rehashed Liberal democrats like Nancy Pelosi and Barney Frank, who are so predictable in their uber liberal stances. But all I can say to this exchange about health care is: I love you, Barney.

Aug 12, 2009

Now and Then Sex Sells

Want to know how far along we've come, baby? These two sites show old sexist ads. Well, perhaps things haven't changed so much after all, as Calvin Klein keeps proving over and over.

Aug 1, 2009

Cute Moments

To prevent this blog from tilting too far to the angry, political side, here's some nice news:

News Update: The Crazies are Still Ruling the World

So, Michael Vick is to be forgiven. Some say that he "has paid his dues" to society. Not! There are dogs that he helped to butcher and murder who paid the ultimate price and who have no one to speak for them except us. Dogs whose lives he made miserable, but who survived, are still dealing with his cruelty. Big bucks win out again. Had Vick not been talented, society would have turned its back on him long ago. Here's a discussion about Vick on Dog Debates.

On a lighter note, Republicans still can't accept that the Democrats won and that Obama is our president. Their constant refrains of: - Is his birth certificate legal? - to racial slurs about his origin, or, worse, racial jokes and cartoons - to, He should be doing this and that instead of that and this - are getting to be tiresome. GET OVER IT! Your party LOST! Here's another Republican example of sore loser: Jan Larimer, Republican Committee National Chair Bashes Obama's Happy Hour. The comments are priceless.