Aug 1, 2009

News Update: The Crazies are Still Ruling the World

So, Michael Vick is to be forgiven. Some say that he "has paid his dues" to society. Not! There are dogs that he helped to butcher and murder who paid the ultimate price and who have no one to speak for them except us. Dogs whose lives he made miserable, but who survived, are still dealing with his cruelty. Big bucks win out again. Had Vick not been talented, society would have turned its back on him long ago. Here's a discussion about Vick on Dog Debates.

On a lighter note, Republicans still can't accept that the Democrats won and that Obama is our president. Their constant refrains of: - Is his birth certificate legal? - to racial slurs about his origin, or, worse, racial jokes and cartoons - to, He should be doing this and that instead of that and this - are getting to be tiresome. GET OVER IT! Your party LOST! Here's another Republican example of sore loser: Jan Larimer, Republican Committee National Chair Bashes Obama's Happy Hour. The comments are priceless.


Meg said...

I totally, totally, totally agree.

Morticia Addams said...

The photo of Michael Vick counterposed with one of his victims shows something of Vick's monstrosity. I doubt he'll really change. In his post-release PR interviews Vick seemed insincere in his 'remorse.'