Jul 6, 2011

Casey Antony Freed

This photo of defense attorney Cheney Mason at the victory celebration after the verdict says it all about the caliber of the people who made up the defense team of this lying whoring (their terms) "good" mother:

Image of Cheney Mason, Casey Anthony defense lawyer @Daily Mail
Juror Jennifer Ford cried  when the jury voted to clear Casey Anthony of
her daughter's murder.
Yeah, I agree that the prosecution did not prove the murder of this little girl by her mother beyond a reasonable doubt, but the verdict still sticks in my craw. What's even worse is that HLN (Headline News) reports that Casey wrote that if she got off she intended to get pregnant again. I am aghast.

Click on this article at the Daily Mail to read the rest.

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Wayne Frost said...

Casey Anthony is a homicidal, narcissistic, sociopath. Despite being revealed for what she is, will be allowed to continue to walk among us, as determined by a jury that failed to realize that their moral obligation trumps their legal obligation.