Jan 8, 2007

Pink is Not the New Black ... It's a Diva Weapon!

As I listened to NPR today, I learned that the brilliant folks atTaser had developed a pink taser device that ladies can carry in their pocketbooks. I searched the WWWeb, but instead of finding a tiny pink weapon, I came across these images instead. Mmmm, there's something about tanks that I find so ... masculine.

Stupid Girls - You Tube

Dashing Diva Couch (Click Here)

Pink Diamond

Pink Motorola Phone

Pink Martini

Pink Vintage Bikini

Pink Les Paul Guitar

Pink Doggie Bed

Pink Cat Lounge

Pink Diva Boots

Pink Roomba and Breast Cancer Ribbon

Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd - YouTube

Pink "I Dream of Jeannie" Bay to Breakers Runners (Click Here)

Pink Cadillac


jinxy said...

Girl, you have made my year with this post... Pink is my all-time favorite color. My fiance asserts that the song from the movie funny face (Think Pink!) just swims in my head whenever I go shopping. I just cannot help myself.

My daughter joins me in this,only more so. Her entire room is pink, and if you open her closet, it blends with her decor. Her teacher even asked me one day if she always wore pink. I looked at her like she was crazy and told her of course! When in her life after childhood will she be able to pull off head to toe pink on a daily basis?

Calady said...

This was awesome. Thanks