Jan 20, 2007

Mozilla Firefox to the rescue!

Boo Microsoft! Hisss! Bah!

You creeps made the update look like a security issue. Dumb blond Ms. Place downloaded Explorer 7 by mistake.

My dahling computer immediately slowed to a crawl. It felt like I had a dial up connection again! What's equally as bad, Explorer 7 wouldn't let me use Google as my default search engine! Shame on you Microsoft for trying to manipulate me on my own computer. I spit on your search engine! I stomp on it. Google is king.

Thank you, Mozilla Firefox, for coming to my rescue and volunteering to become my new internet browser. You're swift and efficient, and relatively safe from phishing and other horrible assaults on my lovely 'puter.

Lesson learned: DO NOT DOWNLOAD upgrades until you learn more about them. Always use Mozilla Firefox as your browser (we are required to do so at work.) And next time you purchase a computer, buy a Mac. I'm done with Microsoft.


goldenroxy said...

i also use mozilla. i've encounter two problems: sometimes it won't let me download certain documents and it won't let me cut and paste anything in a email (this drives me crazy). internet explorer lets you do both. with these two exceptions, i like mozilla.

Ms. Place said...

I agree, Goldenroxy. There are some minor glitches. Like, I can't play YouTube videos, for example. But that's minor compared to Explorer.

Will have to install some plugins to rectify the situation. Thanks for the observation. It's a good one.

goldenroxy said...

your welcome :)

Lisette said...

I run a Mac with Firefox and love it! functional and efficient. This is the combination Corbusier would use. Plus it gives me constant spellcheck so I don't look sootpid!

BigAssBelle said...

oh dear. i haven't done this. somehow microsoft is convinced that my version of windows is counterfeit, though it's the one which was installed when i purchased the wretched computer.

i long for a world without them. but then i'd not have found you, darling, and i'd be unemployed. 'tis a dilemma.

firefox started doing weird things with photos on my computer. it's just an ordeal, the technical world. i don't fit in it at all well.