Jan 24, 2007

Waiting for Top Chef 2, Hawaii Finale, Part 1

Here's a song for you as you're champing at the bit, waiting for the show to start. You already know it, as it's quite popular. Somewhere Over the Rainbow was sung by that late great Hawaiian singer, Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwo. Apparently, he sang it in one take late one evening at a recording studio. Let's hope our chefs are equally inspired tonight! They'll have to take me somewhere over the rainbow to make me root for one of them to win. (Sorry Marcel fans - I feel sorry for him, but he's gonna have to convince me he's Top Chef material.)

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Anonymous said...

no worries ms. place. marcel fan aside, i completely understand. it seems like last season it was fairly obvious who was the top chef. this season it's a little different. none of them really has that "it" factor.

i thought sam was going to take it all the way home. so, i'm very surprised that he didn't make it past part 1 of the finale. he seemed to be the closest to top chef material. with that said, i still believe he needs to grow up. stop starting problems among the group and focus on the food.

in regards to marcel, i think he would be better for this competition in a few years where he's a little bit older and wiser. compared to everyone else, i would much rather see him win over ilan.

lastly, ilan is driving me crazy! i can't stand the guy. in my mind, there's no way i could see him as "top chef". he's immature and unprofessional.