Jan 31, 2007

Leaving Parsons

Onward and upward in my career, dear fans!

I'm leaving Parson's and going to Liz's place
(Claiborne, that is.)

Carry on!

(Breaking News from WWD)


Anonymous said...

will he be on the next season of project runway?

Ms. Place said...

That's the million dollar question! No official word yet. And will the designers still create their outfits at Parson's? Another good question!

Anonymous said...

um...hopefully they tell us soon. i can't image project runway without him.

jinxy said...

I'm thinking Tim's smarter than to not go after next season of Project Runway. It has done so much for his career. And I think Bravo producers would be on crack not to hire him... wait a minute... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Anonymous said...

lol...the bravo producers are on crack!

i'm still pissed that andy wouldn't confuse to rearranging the footage from the "prank". he outright lied saying, the footage was not tampered with. we're not idiots. he should have just admitted it and move on.

ps- the word verification is driving me crazy. i always have to enter it twice.