Jan 19, 2007

Miss Xa Xa Starts Her Trip South

Miss Xa Xa from Amuse Biatch has started her trip South in her 57 Ford Thunderbird on Route 301 to visit Chefs Carlos and Chuck in Miami!

First stop? South of the Border on the North Carolina/South Carolina border in Dillon, S.C. to purchase a special gift for two very special men.

"Dirty Old Man" shop in the back of the store presents possibilities. Her biggest dilemma is deciding what exotic gift Chefs Carlos and Chuck would like. Instead of salt and pepper shakers in the shape of female mammary glands, perhaps they'd prefer a nice selection of assorted fireworks? Or perhaps a one of a kind t-shirt? What do you think?


Anonymous said...

the road trip begins!!! i vote for fireworks we can't get em' up north

BigAssBelle said...

all i can think is that i. want. that. car. i would be magnificent in that car, though red would suit me better. love. that. car.