Jan 2, 2007

Podcast Junkie

KCRW's Good Food Podcasts

If you crave good food, like I do, and if you're into cooking, you'll love these terrific podcasts about food hosted by Executive Chef Evan Kleinman, owner of Angeli Caffe in LA.

Download Frequency: Weekly

Podcast Duration: An hour

Content: These podcasts offer an amazing wealth of information about food, from what's fresh in the market this week in Santa Monica by Laura Avery in the Farmer's Market Report to discussions about a series of topics with a variety of guests, including:

Mike Randleman's documentation of the last meal requests of death row prisoners
Linda West Eckhardt's recipes for dogs
An Oregon farmer describes growing "real" wasabi on American soil
Brothers Matt and Ted Lee celebrate Southern food as America's food
Russ Parsons discusses the best kitchen knives.
Cardoz spices up American food with Indian flavors
Dr. Michael Wilkes explains food intolerances
Wayne Curtis affirms rum is not just for pirates
Stacie Hunt points us to good wines for under $15
A conversation with water connoisseur Dr. Michael Mascha
John T. Edge and Adrian Miller share some insight into the lowly catfish

Here's a link to another review about Good Foods. Click here.

My Critique: This is one of my favorite podcasts. Evan Kleinman uses a natural, relaxed interview style as she glides from topic to topic. I never tire of listening to her. The subjects are interesting, varied, and current, and I've even been tempted to try a recipe or two.

For a detailed report about each week's podcast, click on Podcast Directory.com.

Rating: Two Ear Buds

About Podcasts:

For the techie neophyte, here's a nice feature about podcasts: You don't have to download a podcast into your MP3 player in order to hear it. Select an episode, double click on the words, and listen while you work on your computer.

In Podcast Junkie I use the following rating system:
Two ear buds: Highly Recommended
One ear bud: Ok, but needs improvement
No ear bud: Don’t bother downloading

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BigAssBelle said...

what a wonderful idea! i never thought of it. i love to listen to NPRs splendid table . . . had no idea there were podcasts about my favorite thing in the whole world!