Jan 16, 2007

Spot On

During a night of fashion disappointments, our wonderful little actress from Ugly Betty stood out. America Ferraro looked adorable and feminine and age appropriate. She wore this gown; it didn't wear her.

And look at this photo of the entire cast. Even my fave diva, Vanessa, whose fashion choices were questionable (see post below), looks great in this photo. I was utterly thrilled that Ugly Betty was recognized. I so adore this show.


eric3000 said...

We love Ugly Betty! They were just airing the first episode in England when we were there and we told everyone to watch.

Linda Merrill said...

Cuter than cute - she's my new inspiration! Her and Laura Bennett. (hmm) Love the show. Nice to see Vanessa vamp it up, but get her commuppence (how does one spell that!) from a little girl from across the bridge!

Ms. Place said...

Oh, Eric and Linda. We should dis Ugly Betty together. I just love this wonderful show.