Jan 31, 2007

Eye Candy: Top Chef 2 Judge Winner (Part 1)

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Eric Ripert is in a tie with Harold Dieterle.

Running close in third place is Ted Allen

No surprises here!

Running close behind were Anthony Bourdain and Raphael Lunetta, who finished in a dead heat. Only one vote behind was Alan Wong. Stay tuned for the next voting competition! We will pitt these six winners against the final judges.

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Jason G said...

I have to agree that Eric Ripert was the most compelling cameo of the season. At the end of a sophmore slump of a Top Chef season, it just goest to show that every cloud has a silver lining. After seeing his guest-judging, I went out and bought his first cookbook, Le Bernardin. In my quest to find the best seafood cookbook available, this has turned out to be a pretty satisfying purchase. I'll be trying out his tuna carpaccio ASAP. It's not likely that I'll ever get to eat in his restaurant, but maybe I can recreate some of the magic.