Jan 26, 2007

Top Chef 2: Sam and Elia, What they really think.

You think this is a hug? Look at my face. This is not a hug. Men don't hug. I shoulda won. Fair and square. Fan Fave? Pshhaw! I wuz robbed.

Dayum! I shoulda kept my big fat mouth shut and just concentrated on my cookin.'

This is my "I feel like I wuz used by Ilan and Sam" smile.


BigAssBelle said...

i am still crushed and heartbroken. i can't even bear to discuss it. sam, sam, sam . . . **sniff** anyone have a hankie?

jinxy said...

This whole season has been bunk!

I really hope the producers get in rehab and get a handle on that crack problem before next season is cast.

Padma needs to GO. Gail can stay, for now. Tom needs Padma's job. And they need to get someone with an actual palette to sit next to Gail. They don't even have to be able to speak, just please GOD let them be able to distinguish between good food and crap on a plate!!

Anonymous said...

Sam: Me thinks I was robbed, even tho I was hoping Icklan and Evilia had both hung themselves to pave my way just in case. Evilia: Me thinks I should've stuck by Marcel instead of turning on him. I loved watching a player get played. Justice, oh sweet justice.