Jan 10, 2007

Hall of Shamer


History is about to be made. Ms. Place is admitting she was wrong.

Having watched Episode Nine of Top Chef 2 for the umpteenth time, I realize that unless Marcel killed a dog, insulted a cheftestant's mother, or downright stole and lied, he did not warrant such aggressive hostitility from his team members.

Piece of advice to everyone: Grow up. Your conduct in this episode simply does not wear well upon reviewing. If you don't like someone, ignore the person. And Marcel? His passive aggressiveness would have irked me too.

It's obvious these attacks detract from the chefs' abilities to concentrate. Notice how Mikey, who stays out of the fray and M.H.O.B., is performing better and better despite the intervention of pulled teeth, vicodin, and beer. This episode, though riveting, is a definite Hall of Shamer.

N'uff said.

Yes, spry chickens, I know, that photo came from the previous episode. But I believe these were the primary players in Episode Nine's shameful interplay.


jinxy said...

I understand that they were harsh on Marcel, but he's a doodoohead. He asked for every second of it, from day one.

He wanted to isolate himself. The problem is he thought he would be the lone brilliant chef, but instead he was the lone mediocre chef. Big miscalculation.

Like I said in a previous comment of mine, a Top Chef needs to be a chef that can inspire those below them. The only thing Marcel has inspired any of the other chefs to is violence, physical or verbal...

Anonymous said...

somehow i can't see how the sam, ilan, and cliff will "inspire" those below them knowing that they act like second grade bullies. who would want to work for them?