Jan 31, 2007

Live Chat DURING the Finale, Dahlings. Oh, Such Fun!

Hot off the Top Chef 2: They Cook, We Dish Presses!

Tonight, the Big Shamu and Java Junkie of Top Chef 2: They Cook, We Dish, along with Charlus & XaXa of Amuse-Biatch and Ms. Place of Dish n'dat, will be hosting a live chat for our readers. We'd love to hear from you all on this final night of the season. A special link will be provided to access the chat just prior to the beginning of the show. Provided eveything goes well on the technical end, we look forward to chatting with some of our wonderful readers on this last night of the competition!! (Many thanks to Ms. Place for suggesting the chat.)

And she's prepared to take the blame, if things don't turn out right!

Clarification, for top chef readers. Ms. Place is joining the Top Chef 2: They Cook, We Dish and Amuse Biatch teams for tonight's live chat. This is a one time teaming only (though I love Shamu, Java, Charlus, and Miss XaXa dearly.)

Flirt that she is, Ms. Place will also be joining the Blogging Top Chef: They Cook, We Roast team to dish Top Design. This new team, aptly named Top Design Blogger, will deconstruct and shred and tear our tender designers apart for the next 10 weeks. How utterly and thrillingly divine.

Confused? Dahlings, so am I. Wait 'till tonight. My tongue and brains will be totally scrambled.

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jinxy said...

Great. If I decide to watch the finale I'll definitely be there.