Jan 15, 2007

Waiting for Madagascar


Ms. Place's ClustrMap tells her that you are visiting this site from all over the world! To that I say, Welcome, Dag, Salut, Kia Ora, Hola, Dobry Den, Hej, Salaam, Namaste, Nei Ho, Bonjour, G'Day, and Aloha!

There are a few missing countries, however. Being a person of determination and loving a challenge, Ms. Place is anxiously watching out for them. In no particular order of desirability, she is waiting for a dot to appear on:

The South Pole!
Costa Rica

There are so many more absent than listed. But ten will do for now. I am not greedy.


An said...

I hate to burst your bubble, but:

I have a friend whose sister is living at the South Pole now. Their internet servers run through Colorado. So even if a pole-dweller visited your page, you would just get another dot on Colorado in the US. I believe that getting a hit on Antartica is impossible.

Ms. Place said...

Awww, no. Say it ain't so, an! Darn.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ms. Place -

I actually visted Madagascar for two weeks in June 2006, and I have to say that it was one of the most intriguing and fascinating destinations in my (several) decades of travel. Wonderful and varied geography/topography from rain forests to savanahs, mountains, beaches. And, of course, the lemurs, chameleons, geckos, bird-life, and indri-indri.

Not to forget the tempting semi-precious stones, jewelry, raffia products, vanilla, spices.... I could go on and on.

Ms. Place, it's a long, long journey to get there, but The Big Red Island is worth the effort. My only caveat is that one really needs to go when one is in pretty decent physical shape. To see the wildlife and some of the best 'back-of-beyond' scenery you need to do some reasonably strenuous hiking, so, in order to take the fullest advantage of all Madagascar has to offer, you oughtn't to have difficulties with mobility.

If you want more info, contact the fabulous T&L for my e-mail addy. I entered their "It's a tagline, bitches" contest, so they have the dope, so to speak!

Keep up the witty blogging work; we readers out here in the ether appreciate it!


Ms. Place said...

Dear NDC,

Before posting my comments I looked up Madagascar on the WWW. What an island paradise! Thank goodness Ms. Place can tromp to the remotest of places (as she has done in Java and Sri Lanka.) Someday I hope to see this splendid country in person.

Thank you so much for the heads up! And I shall certainly check your addy with T&L.

Isn't the blogosphere just the coziest place to be?

Anonymous said...

Dear Ms. Place -

Vraiment, vraiment! I'll look forward to hearing from you once you've checked in with T&L.

BTW, I'm completely in agreement with you on Ed Harris. Part of the appeal is the intelligence that shines through the piercing baby blues.