Jan 3, 2007

Bye Top Chef Betty!

Dahling, we've waxed back and forth all season liking you at first, then turning our noses up at your shrewishness towards Marcel. But one thing you had in spades was SPUNK!

Girlfriend, you never quit. Even though chunky bits of your three rather unappetizing "slothful" soups clung to the sides of those glass flutes, you kept up your bubbly facade as the judges tasted them. When Marcel barked at you during his turn at serving, you kept your cool. Considering the tense situation all around, that must have taken a Herculean effort.

We'll miss you, Bets. Good luck in your culinary future!

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TeacupKitten said...

Thank you, Ms. Place for putting things in perspective. I've been sitting back watching all of the back and forth about my sister all season. And I've wanted to jump in and say "Hey! You all don't know the real Betty like I do!"

You are absolutely right! She does have spunk. And she has heart - a really BIG heart. And she does wear it on her sleeve, whether she is happy or mad at someone. But, hey, at least you know where you stand and what she thinks!