Jan 26, 2007

Top Chef 2: Miss Xa Xa Continues Her Journey to Visit Chef Carlos

"Ta, dahling, so nice you visited us in Savannah. Tell Chef Carlos we love him!"

"Bye, XaXa, sweetie! T'was wonderful seeing you in Daytona Beach. Don't forget us, girlfriend!"

Tearing down 301 in her T-Bird, and reminiscing about Esther Williams, her favorite Diva swim star, Miss XaXa decided to make a pit stop in Wiki Watchee and swim with the fabulous mermaids who have assembled for their annual mermaid reunion.

The place was looking a bit retro, but Miss XaXa didn't mind. She'd studied architecture, and simply adored the likes of Eero Saarinen and Edward Durell Stone.
As soon as she entered the theme park, the mermaids greeted her. "Wanna swim?" they begged her.

Miss XaXa couldn't wait to don her fish tails, which she kept in the back of her T-bird trunk.

"Wrrilll yhhhou ssttaayy wittth uss (bubble bubble) a whhhille lonnnngggerrrr?"

"Naaaahh, dddahhlinng, havveto see Cheeffff Charrrloss. Ammm leahhvin tohhhhmooohrow.

"Orange you glad you stopped by?"

"Course, dahlings."

"What's your next stop, sweetie?"

"Fort Lauderdale and those beautiful boys at the Hi Life Cafe. Got to put the pedal to the medal! They're waiting for me!"

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