Jan 16, 2007

Podcast Junkie

Podcast Junkie: Hot Off the Presses! The Daily News (Click on the bold words, dahlings.)

NPR Podcast Directory:

NBC Nightly News:

NYTimes Front Page and Interviews:

WBUR’s Here and Now:

Frequency: Daily

Duration: From 5 minutes to an hour, depending on which newscast you choose

Content: Yesterday’s reports. These newscasts are thorough, depending on your political bend.

My Critique: Take your pick. NBC’s Nightly News, NPR, NYTimes Front Page, and WBUR’s Here and Now with Robin Young are waiting to be ‘pushed’ onto your Ipod. I find that NPR and Here and Now work best because they were written for a radio audience to begin with. However, NBC’s Nightly News translates surprisingly well. Depending on your political bend, you can download any kind of news that makes you happy. Just google news podcasts and subscribe. The service is free! As it should be.

Rating: Two Ear Plugs

In this Ms. Place blog feature, I critique my favorite podcasts using my own rating system:

Two ear buds: Highly Recommended
One ear bud: Ok, but needs improvement
No ear bud : Don’t bother downloading

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