Jan 29, 2007

Top Chef 2: Miss XaXa and Chef Carlos Trip the Dish Fantastic

After leaving Wiki Watchee, Miss Xa Xa high TAILED it down to Fort Lauderdale for her assignation with Chef Carlos, passing the fabulous beaches near St. Augustine in her fabulous T-Bird.


Ms. Place: "Ja?"

Miss XaXa: "Missy, Sweetie, I'm only hours from the Hi-Life Cafe! I simply can't contain myself"

Ms. Place: "Am totally jealous, dahling. Am swallowing my disappointment by sunbathing on my cousin's beach in Curacao!

Ms. XaXa: "Dayum, Missy. I wished you'd come along instead of sulking on some tropical island with your tush hanging out. Chef Carlos is SPECIAL!

Ms. Place: "Don't I know it, Sweetie. I am BEREFT. Send me photos of your meeting, will ya?"

Miss XaXa: "Funny you mentioned. Here are some post cards of Fort Lauderdale to keep you happy...."

And a few photos of when I arrived at the Hi-Life Cafe!

Oh, Missy, I just couldn't contain myself!

Look how darling Chef Carlos looked when he greeted me!

Don't we make the cutest couple? I had an absolute blast, Missy. Carlos is such a hoot! I mean, just take a gander at one of his more conservative Sunday Suits!"

Chef Carlos insisted on making his special Coca Cola cake in honor of meee!

Recipe for Coca Cola Cake (Not Chef Carlos'!)

But this silly man thought the cake was a slurpie and insisted on licking it off his plate!

Believe me, our dear chef took it all in good stride!

I HATED to leave. Well, ta, dahling. Be home soon! Can't wait to share my trip with you.


jinxy said...

That sounds like an awesome road trip. Some people are just so dang lucky.

Congrats on the lovely experience!

Miss XaXa said...

It was a great trip! I had a blast, Carlos is a sweetheart!

Anonymous said...

Carlos did you happen to check miss xaxa oil,I here it's pretty greases down there.How to do you like me now?