Jan 19, 2007

Hall of Shame

Tom Colicchio: "I won't pretend I'm not disappointed by the behavior I witnessed in tonight's episode. I lost a lot of respect for Cliff, Ilan, Sam and Elia after what they did (or didn't do.) Not as cooks, necessarily, but as people -- and thereby as chefs. Chef means "chief" in French, and “chief” implies someone who leads -- not by bullying or even popularity, but by example."

To that, I say, hear hear.

Hall of Shame

For leaving me to wonder why the producers and the film crew didn't stop Cliff from manhandling Marcel. Why even show the incident on t.v.? I felt myself squirming as I watched it. Why did Bravo choose not to edit the story differently and concentrate more on the cooking? If Ilan, Sam, and Cliff are right about Marcel, why not show the incidents where Marcel did or said things that legitimately ticked the chefs off? If the close living quarters and heat of the competition are getting to them, why not have a counselor intervene during the show and work with the chefs to relieve the stress?

This show is supposed to be about COOKING? Isn't it? Not about some fraternity hazing that lasts for 12 weeks. We don't even know which wines the chefs chose in Santa Barbara, that's how little air time was spent on the competition itself.

Next time, Bravo. Edit in more cooking. Give the chefs some healthy activities to do during their leisure time. Drinking seldom brings out the best in people. I agree with Harold, who said in his blog:

"I watch a cooking show because I like to sit at home and think about my taste palate, I like to wonder if what they’re making is a flavor profile that I’m going to like. I want a cooking show to educate me. And this hasn’t been so much the case."

Other Hall of Shamers:

Ilan, Sam, and Clif (who was punished.)

Elia, not as innocent as she seemed.

As for Marcel, he didn't come away from this show smelling like roses either. The dude couldn't even be bothered to help the others. He's totally out for number one. His behavior did not deserve violence, but I don't think he's Top Chef material either. He doesn't inspire others to follow him.

Bring back Carlos, Mikey, Betty, Josie, and Mia. Hell, bring back Suyai! Bring back TIFANNY from Season 1. They're more deserving of the title of Top Chef than any of this season's contestants left standing.


jinxy said...

I totally agree that the remaining contestants are somewhat lackluster. If you ask me, the last real Top Chef Candidates were probably Carlos or Josie. The show has really deviated from a good course, and as such, I'm not nearly as compelled to stay up and watch (considering I have to be awake at 4:30 the next morning) this season. Last season, I didn't care if I had to stay up until midnight, it was worth it... This season... notsomuch.

Anonymous said...

In all fairness to Marcel, if you were subjected to a 12-week frat hazing ritual, you probably wouldn't be willing to go above and beyond to help any of the perpetrators, either. Besides, he didn't 'refuse to help' the way Sam is painting it, he just said that he was probably going to be busy prepping his own dish. Marcel has always been the first to offer help in the past, even if The Original Ugly Betty and Ilan Hall of Shame think he's selfish.

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog, but I feel that you are overly harsh on Marcel. He can't seem to catch a break with you. "Looking out for number one?" Honey, they all are, but he's a little more socially inept than the others, so he can't cover it up as well. IT'S A COMPETITION. And from what I've seen, he's been more than willing to help people. He helped Sam after he yelled at him, he helped Betty with her crappy creme brulees, and he has always worked well in groups. He didn't help Sam this episode, but he clearly said that he wouldn't have time, and Sam (in his question) framed it by asking him "if he would be stuck," then proceeded to whine about it to the cameras. They walked out before his Lust service because he firmly told that harpy Betty to not go out too early!? I know it's your blog and you have every right to express your own opinion, but sometimes (especially around the time of the 'Seven' episode), you were just as much of a bully as the rest. Marcel isn't perfect, he can be a little twit sometimes, but the others have exhibited nasty behavior. He has handled it with grace, and that makes him heads and tails above the rest that are left.

Ms. Place said...

Agree about Marcel rising above the fray. Very commendable of him.

jinxy said...

Commendable of him yes, but he will always be my little doodoohead.

(Anons of the blogworld, do your worst!!)

Anonymous said...

all of the chefs except marcel should be in the "Hall of Shame". personally, i do not see marcel as top chef material. probably sam is closest to it. however, i feel that sam, ilan, and cliff lack the proper skills to act professional under pressure. while marcel has clearly demonstrated that he can perform under pressure without blowing up at someone or assaulting another person. with that said, i hope that marcel wins.

Anonymous said...

It actually really hurt to watch that because I had a lot of faith in Elia. I keep on thinking of excuses for her, but then I realize that there really was no excuse during that time. Blah. The interest in my feesh-loving, chocolate-smearing reality TV show crush is now gone.

Marcel, you may have annoyed me in the past and you still somewhat bug me now, but now I say this: TAKE 'EM DOWN.

Anonymous said...

"The dude couldn't even be bothered to help the others."

Marcel has been helping others. Didn't you read Andy's interview with him? He helped the whole team, even when they did take breaks, he didn't. So the last challenge, his refusal of not helping others is reasonable because he wasn't done with own his meal. He's always willing to help others...even his rival Betty.