Jan 29, 2007

It's a Pink Navy!

Look what's newly steamed into view in the Top Designer blog harbor, chiclets: Pink Navy!

Ah, the title conjuresup visions of Cary Grant and Tony Curtis. Those two handsome doofuses were steamrollered by those clever WWII nurses in Operation Petticoat. In their quest to show how resourceful they were, these brave pointy bra'd women even ungirdled their girlie loins to fix all those rusted but manly pipes.

Our fearless nurses sacrificed their flat stomachs in order to give that evil man Hitler (that dastardly Teutonic Non Plus Ultra Uber bastard) a, er, well, uh, to ...

Yes, Charlus and Miss XaXa have toiled and sweated and slaved for weeks to spawn Pink Navy from their fertile minds! Get ready, dahlings, for what promises to be the most fabulous bitchy fun this season. (Well, next to Top Design Blogger, that is.) And don't blame me if you think Charlus' and Miss XaXa's observations are a wee bit acerbic and over the top!

Upon hearing that Charlus was arriving mis-en-scene to cleverly stage the unveiling of Pink Navy, Miss XaXa, fresh from her visit with Chef Carlos, grabbed her pink submarine bag and dashed off to Miami's harbor. She arrived just in time to see Charlus head a phalanx (or phallus?) of pink vehicles, ready to do verbal battle with those who would arbite our tastes!

Ah, dahlings. Can you wait just a few days? I can't. Click here, sweetlings, for a sneak peek!


Charlus said...

Merci, Ms. Place. I WANT that pink submarine!

PeachPie said...

I want the pink car!!

I always was a Thelma and Louise kinda gal.