Jan 12, 2007

A Take on Project Runway

I was blown away reading this (old) interview by Vanessa Riley, Project Runway Season One contestant.

Was La Pepper as much of a villainess as everyone thinks? Want insight into how Season One worked, as well as an intelligent, thoughtful take on things? Can you spare 15 minutes? The article, suggested by the Project Rungay guys, is rather long but definitely worth the read. Click here.


jinxy said...

Yeah I found ehis article REALLY interesting. And, though I may be slated for saying it, I think Vanessa did have a point about the format of the show.

Most designers do not sew their own work. Maybe they do in college, but in the real world, no-way. They use insanely talented petit-mains that can sew themselves into a tissue-paper wrapper.

Just because you are not a good seamstress does not mean you do not have the capability to be an awesome designer. And just because you have Excellent dressmaking, tailoring, and sewing skills, does that make you the most talented DESIGNER in the bunch.

Project Runway forces you to be both, which is not necessarily a bad thing. But it does make me wonder if we don't miss out on people with wonderful creativity and design savy that just aren't that handy with a needle and thread??

Lisette said...

Very interesting, and sounds surprisingly reasonable. It does make you look at it all in a new light, last year the manipulation was pretty apparent but in season 1 it may have gone under the radar more.

BigAssBelle said...

hmmm . . . it sure seems like she'd have had some idea of what the thing was about before signing on?

oh well. i can't imagine a designer not being at least ABLE to stitch up a garment, even if others are more capable of doing so. seems like a basic knowledge of how fabric works, drapes on the body, what can and can't be done with it, would be critical to the process of designing.

don't know. but yes, 'twas interesting indeed.