Jan 26, 2007

Top Chef 2: Miss Xa Xa Crosses Into Florida and Finds an Outfit to Impress Chef Carlos

After crossing the border Miss Xa Xa stops in the cutest little boutique in St. Augustine.

And finds the most darling little black dress and hat to wear when she meets Chef Carlos at the Hi-Life Cafe.

Approaching Daytona Beach, she calls her friend Shelley. ""Dahling, mind if I crash your pad for one night?"

"Not if you mind sharing a room with my friend, Babs."


"Barbara Eden? You know, she collects bottles and likes to wear pink."

"Ah, yes."

"So glad you decided to stop by! I've got the perfect song for Chef Carlos. I'll give you the CD and you can play it for him!"

"What's it called, Sweetie?"

"Johnny Angel. I wrote it for that cad, Johnny, but he ran off to the Caribbean to act in some stupid pirate movie and I haven't seen him since. Just substitute Carlos any time you hear the name Johnny. Works just as well!"

"Oh, dahling, can't wait to give him this sweet song. See you in a few hours. Ta!"

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BigAssBelle said...

oh how lovely! i feel as if i am on that journey with miss xa xa ~ it's a wonderful distraction from the day's toils.