Jan 20, 2007

Ms. XaXa's In Charleston

Charleston. Ah. This beautiful city is situated in the heart of the antebellum South. Majestic mansions. Home to Fort Sumter. Hostess to a host of restaurants with sumptious Southern cookin'. And home to the original exercise tape: The Charleston, coming to you from YouTube.

Miss Xa Xa is getting closer and closer to Chefs Chuck and Carlos. In the meantime, they are getting ready for her.


Anonymous said...

Let the games begin!!!!!

zanna said...

My favorite area in the U.S.! Too bad you can't stay around longer -- I always hate to leave that place. :)

BigAssBelle said...

Oh divine!! i LOVE charleston. actually, anyplace warm will do right about now, or simply spring-like or early fall-like. this ice and snow is kicking my southern belle ass.