Jan 8, 2007

Men Use Their Cell Phones to Impress Women

Men Use Phones To Impress Women; Women Use Phones To Ward Off Men , from the the-battle-of-the-sexes dept at Techdirt.
I don't know which is funnier, the article or the comments. You'll just have to read for yourselves.

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jinxy said...

Oh and the article speaks such truth... Lest we forget the screening of calls from men we met while on the drunk side of tipsy, and claiming bad cell service if we are fortuitous enough to bump into them later.

But I have noticed that my fiance, and most men I know would rather chew on nails than have an outdated cell phone. I have had the same magenta razr phone for about a year and a half (I HAD to have a magenta phone just cause I love pink that much) for a year and a half. As long as that beautiful pink phone works I will not replace it.

But every 6 months we are buying a new phone for my fiance it seems. Whenever my phone gets upgraded, I just let him pick out a new phone and I keep my old one.

We have a multitude of cell phones around the house that have not a thing wrong with them. He just needed a newer, better phone.

First he needed a camera phone. Because he needed one.
Then he needed a phone with bluetooth. Because he needed one.
Then he needed a phone with an MP3 player. Because he needed one.
Then he needed a blackberry. Can anyone guess why? Yup. Because he needed one.
Now he needs a palm pilot phone. Because he needs one. Ugh.

Around Christmastime he started in on wanting a bluetooth car kit so he can talk "hands free" in the car. Silly me, I thought that's what speakerphone was for. He explained to me why he needed it (although he spends about 30 minutes a day in his car. Total.) I lost the will to live about 5 minutes into his explanation. I'll get him the stupid thing for Valentine's Day just to shut him up.

And for those of you frightened that he has the upper hand in this relationship because I'm giving in on the car kit, relax. It only takes a $120 car kit to shut him up. It takes a far more expensive shopping trip/piece of jewelry/car/etc... to shut me up, and I am by far the vocal one in our relationship.

Ms. Place said...

Sounds like your man is never bored with his equipment, Jinxy! :)

And that you've got that man/woman relationship pretty well figured out!

JavaJunkie said...

I feel for you, Jinxy. I married Inspector Gadget.

In the past two years, he has had somewhere between eight and ten cell phones (with varying degrees of technology) to my one (which was also chosen based upon color!)

Sadly, my "Inspector" does not limit his fascination to phones...most any gadget will do, as long as it's the most technologically advanced of its gadget genre.

Fortunately, he is well aware of the rules: Diamonds trump Sharper Image...I hope you wear yours proudly...I do!

jinxy said...

LOL Java, them's the rules...

Mine is a car tech junkie. He runs a shop that installs car alarms and car audio and video equipment, and he definitely brings his work home with him. I won't let him touch my car, but his car has so many gadgets in it, I cannot drive it. But him being so obsessed has it's advantages.

He got some kind of Sat Nav thingie for his car, and before he told me about it (because he probably knew my reaction) He went out and got me the blue diamond engagement ring I wanted.

All the women around me get so mad, but I can't help it if I am better at training my man than they are at training theirs...