Jan 13, 2007

Eye Candy

That mature hottie, that skilled, under the radar character actor who steals every scene he's in ... the incredibly sexy Ed Harris is this week's Eye Candy. He wowed me in The Right Stuff and Pollock, and then moved me to tears in The Hours.

Hot, sizzling, smokin'. And look at those baby blues! He's got all the right stuff in all the right places and order as far as I'm concerned.


BigAssBelle said...

he just a purdy, purdy boy. yum.

Java Junkie said...

Ms. Place. I want him. Now.

Miss XaXa said...

Oh no, Mr. Ed Harris? He's mine......If y'all want him, you'll have to move my cold lifeless body outta'tha way first! ;) LOVE him!