Jan 31, 2007

Waiting for the Big Thud and the Big Bang

Well, dahlings, no matter what happens tonight on Bravo, Ms. Place realizes she'll need to fortify herself with a half case of divine bubbly to get through the evening.

First, there's the big thud.
The "Who cares who wins, but I'm gonna see it anyway" finale of Top Chef 2 will be aired. Last year I was salivating as I awaited the verdict: Tiffany or Harold? This year, eh. Yawn. I think I'll do something at the same time, like chat with friends.

Then, there's the Big Bang!
Tonight Bravo will air the first installment in what promises to be a dynamite show filled with over the top personalities and talent: Top Design. As you know, Ms. Place has joined the Top Design Blogger team. So, just come on over, dahlings, the gals, Eric, and I are on tenterhooks waiting to dish them.

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