Jan 23, 2007

Eye Candy

I’ve been saving photos of these fabulous men in my file, savoring them, not wanting to share them with you, forgetting that you’ve already seen them in Sense and Sensibility. One can hardly believe that this fabulous film is already 12 years old!

The hero is played by the ever watchable Hugh Grant. I fell in love with him in Four Weddings and a Funeral, found him eminently likeable in Love Actually, but really adored his hero turn in Sense and Sensibility as Edward Ferrars. Here’s a short dialogue from the movie:

Elinor Dashwood: Margaret has always wanted to travel.
Edward Ferrars: I know. She's heading an expedition to China shortly. I'm to go as her servant. But only on the understanding that I am to be very badly treated.
Elinor Dashwood: What will your duties be?
Edward Ferrars: Sword fighting, obviously, administering rum and swabbing.
Elinor Dashwood: And which of these will take precedence?
Edward Ferrars: Swabbing, I imagine.Dahlings, Ms. Place goes on record by saying that Hugh Grant can swab her deck any day.

The scrumptuous Greg Wise played that dashing cad, Mr. Willoughby. As you recall, he was the man who carried Marianne over hill and dale in his manly arms. Ah, dear ones, I swoon from merely thinking about such muscular strength and manly display of testosterone. In real life, Greg married Emma Thompson. Lucky gal. Lucky man. Their child must be both beautiful AND witty.

Saving the best for last, I present Alan Rickman. Oh, I grant you, he's not the usual hero type and he's a wee bit long in the tooth. But his exquisite performance in this movie melted my heart. Alan first caught my interest in Robin Hood (in which Kevin Costner nearly killed his career by fading in and out of the worst British accent in the history of film!)Alan played a dastardly villain in that movie, but with such dash that I wished he would tie ME up and do those things to my person that he threatened to do to Maid Marian! In Sense and Sensibility he plays Colonel Brandon, Marianne’s patient older wooer. (Do you sense the symmetry here, gentle reader?)

Colonel Brandon was such a Clueless man! If only he knew that with Ms. Place he would need no patience! She would have ripped those buttons right off his uniform and done a turn or two with him on his pianoforte…But Ms. Place digresses. She momentarily forgot her place. Here’s a bit of dialogue from the movie that is both unprim and unproper and quintessentially Jane Austen:

Margaret: Have you really been to the East Indies, Colonel?
Colonel Brandon: I have.
Margaret: What's it like?
Sir John Middleton: Like? Hot.
Colonel Brandon: [mysteriously] The air is full of spices.

Mmmmm, Colonel Brandon, you have my permission to spice up my life (and rack) any way you like.

As you can see, Alan's arms are as studly as Greg Wise's. I believe Kate Winslet offered both men a supreme opportunity for an aerobic workout. (Though I go on record to say I prefer her figure to Kate Bosworth's.)

For those who are as equally enamored of Alan Rickman as Colonel Brandon, click here for a 4 minute tribute video.

Well, dahlings, I've offered you three eye candies all at once! Can you believe such richness? I, for one, am overcome by all this studlines and must take a rest. Enjoy these glorious men, gentle readers. Ravish them with your eyes, then breathe in deeply.

Isn’t life simply grand?


jinxy said...

Girl, please, Alan Rickman has been a major crush of mine since I first saw him and heard that delectable deep voice paired with a British accent... MMMMMMMM

Java Junkie said...

I agree, Jinxy. Alan Rickman is one sexy man!

Ms. Place, how about a gallery of guest judge eye candy? Hubert Keller, Raphael Lunetta...Eric Ripert? I'm just saying...

ms. place said...

Great Idea, Java. Will work on that for next week.

Charlus said...

Well done, Ms. Place. Let's hear it for Alan Rickman. For several weeks not too long ago I had the pleasure of having him read me Thomas Hardy's "The Return of the Native," and it was sheer bliss, even if Books on Tape is as close as I'll ever come to him.

Ms. Place said...

Ah, Charlus, we can dream. Half of life's pleasures are in the dreaming and longing. I shall get that book on tape. Alan Rickman's voice in my ears for 12-13 hours? I swoon at the thought.

Linda Merrill said...

OMG! I forgot how much I love this movie. Alan Richman is adorable and the first time I saw the scene where Edward finally professes his love for Miss Dashwood - well, swoon... Thanks for the eye candy!

PeachPie said...

And I thought I was the only one who LOVED these men.

Alan Rickman.... what I wouldn't give... And the funniest thing is, I actually loved him when I saw him in Harry Potter of all things!

Lisette said...

Sweetheart, You are just a sucker for a man in an ascot!

BigAssBelle said...

oh my! is that a codpiece? i do like a man with a certain prominence of the nether regions.