Jan 16, 2007

Oh, dear

Here's how a beautiful woman can hide and disguise everything that's lovely and wonderful about her:

Stick your finger in an electrical socket so your hair will frizz.
Wear the wrong color for your eyes, skin, and hair.
Wear an animal on your person (or the facsimile of one.)
Make yourself look ten pounds fatter by choosing the wrong dress and wearing an animal on your person (or the facsimile of one.)
Wear makeup that makes you look like the same age as your grandmother.
Forget to consult your good common sense.

Oh, Vanessa. Sweet Dahling. I've worshiped you from afar. But you've won my vote for absolutely worst dressed at this year's Golden Globes.


eric3000 said...

Oh, I forgot! Definitely the worst! Her dress was ugly, her hair was ridiculous, and that dead animal was revolting! I love it when she wears fur on Ugly Betty but in real life it just doesn't work. In her defense, she was about the only woman smart enough to wear a jacket -- it was really cold out there!

Ms. Place said...

Eric, you are such a gentleman. Why aren't there more men like you in this world?