Jan 16, 2007

Oh, dear

Not in a million years would I wear this, dahlings. Did Rinko Kikuhi wad kleenex balls and sew them onto the gown she wore at the Golden Globes Awards?

Why anyone would hide their cute perky figure under an avalanche of puff balls is beyond me.


eric3000 said...

Wow. Pretty bad. But she still looked better than Cameron Diaz.

jinxy said...

I wouldn't even hide my lumpy figure under an avalanche of chiffon puffballs...

Linda Merrill said...

I actually like this dress. I think you could only wear it if you have a cute perky figure. It's different, sculptural, but actual doesn't overwhelm her. But, I never actually saw her on tv, so maybe when it moved it was really bad.

I totally agree about Vanessa and Cameron. Just goes to show that even the most beautiful can't wear just anything. I hate Cameron's dark hair. It's not her natural color and looks like someone dipped her in an inkwell. She looks harsh.

Ms. Place said...

True, Linda. Complection is everything. I am a blonde. Any other hair color just looks odd on me. If I were to dye my hair black, well,


Tee, hee.

My head color would be mismatched with my arm color. And, sweetie, further down my anatomy, well, dahling, we won't even go there.