Jul 13, 2007

Anthony Bourdain Vindicates Ms. Place

Darling Anthony, he of the well placed barb, he who minces no words even as he minces our cheftestants, strikes again in two well placed blogs, one as a guest judge for Tom Colichio for last week's episode, and the other in Ruhlman's blog.

Is our Anthony getting green around the gills, or did I actually read that he liked Next Food Network Star, which is winding down the competition just as Top Chef is hitting its stride. His assessment of Amy is similar to mine, though once again he critiques the show with phrases and language that are way more masterful.

"But, Goddamn if I'm not liking this fucking show. I find Tuschman's comments refreshingly honest, acknowledging the gruesome reality of network realpolitik over cooking ability with unflinching candor--yet erring on the side of mercy for the devastated JAG. Which, by the way, paints the judges into a real corner..."

As for Top Chef, our world-roaming chef with the highly developed palate can snark with the best of them:

'"Joey comes off like a walking laundry list of "Things Chefs Don't Want In An Employee." Whiner. Crybaby. Blames Others. Persecution Complex. Confrontational. What Bill Buford, in his excellent book, "Heat" came to recognize as a "dickhead"'

And about Howie: "He's a tough, obstinate little bastard. He takes his beatings like a man, without passing the buck or making excuses, but seems not to play well with others."

Wow, Anthony, I only called these two chefs numnuts and the Dick Twins. But then Bourdain falters. He is hung up on Hung and predicts this roadrunner chef will be the eventual winner. Oh, how I love it when even the great chefs are wrong in their predictions. It makes them so divinely human!


BigAssBelle said...

you know, i'd never heard of anthony bourdain before he first guested as a judge on top chef. now he's everywhere and i am enjoying his commentary on cuisines of the world.

CheesesteakDude said...

How can he say that Howie doesn't work well with others but not say the same about Hung? Strange.

Hung seems like an excellent cook but he's very arrogant and a bit of a whiner if things don't go his way.

Charlie said...

BigAssBelle, you must read Kitchen Confidential. Immediately. And catch up on all the past episodes of No Reservations before the new season starts in a couple of weeks. NR is simply the best food/travel show....ever.

Hung seems to work well with others, I haven't noticed any of the other chefs have a problem with him. In a competitive field you probably have to have a little bit of arrogance. There is zero chance he's winning though. He's Tiffany/Marcel version 3.

And one thing everybody overlooks is that Joey's food has been pretty good. Even though they failed the trio challenge, the judges said Joey's "tuner" was the best on the plate, and only knocked him for not tasting Casey's food. (Which, why in the hell would you presume to inspect another professional chef's tuna tartar?)

I'm rooting for Howie but he's been inconsistent, being called out for good or bad seemingly every week. To me he's the Dave of season 3. Without the crying.