Jul 17, 2007

Posh Spice Confronts Perez Hilton

I wasn't going to watch Victoria Beckham Coming to America. In fact, I only saw the show because I had forgotten to flick to the next channel. Then Sposh began to charm me with her humor and openness. So she and David have more money than everybody in North Dakota put together; she's funny and natural and a woman who knows what she wants. (Which is a lot and very, very expensive. 11 million dollar mansions anyone?)

What a breath of fresh air she is compared to Paula Abdul. Posh loves high heels, the higher the better, and even wears them poolside. She likes to tweak people's funny bones, including her own. Perez Hilton has been dissing her big time, so she decided to confront him.

After he got over his surprise, she charmed him too, and she didn't give him an inch. I just love a woman who confronts her enemies head on with humor, tact, and a straightforward manner. Here's the video clip of their encounter. If the show keeps being this fresh and funny, I'll tune in every week. (Whoops, this was originally planned as a reality t.v. show, but it turned into a one-hour special.)

Here are the Mr. & Mrs. arriving in L.A. just a few days ago. It's amazing she didn't trip wearing those stilettos. How major is that? Stay tuned and find out.

Missed the special? You can view it here online. In addition, Posh will host a special this Thursday night, offering insights since the show was filmed.


potty mouth princess said...

This was a one-off.

I too was taken aback by Posh's almost normal behavior. Refreshing.

Ms. Place said...

For real? I thought I saw a promo for next week. Can't wait to see who's right!

Ms. Place said...

Well, PMP, you were right. Except that there will be a repeat with insights of the show this Thursday. Dayum. This show could have been fun.

eric3000 said...

Yeah, I didn't hate this show. She seems much more interesting than Paula Abdul.

ArtfulSub said...

Sigh. It's my day to read about people I've never heard of again. Perez Hilton? Check out Forksplit's new rant, when you get a chance.

She disses a whole SLEW of people I've never heard of.


Marius said...

God, I hate Perez Hilton. How did he become famous? Anyway, I always knew that Victoria was fun and pleasant. Oh, and she's great with kids. However, I hate what she represents. I'm going to blog about that some time soon. :)

Linda Merrill said...

I was shocked that NBC would run a special about them coming to America. Really, who cares! I watched a few minutes and yes, she is actually pretty fun, but I still feel like we're (never you or your readers Ms. Place!) just salivating over pretty and rich people. There was an NPR program on our celebrity worship culture yesterday and Perez Hilton was actually a guest. Guess he's mainstream now - invitations to speak with Camille Paglia on NPR. What are we coming to. And when will NPR call the Fabulous Ms. Place, or erudite and funny Eric3000 or the elegant Cosmo Marius?

gilda said...

i've always thought she was extremely stylish, but watching that show made me really like her. she's interesting, and humorous, and seems like she really does ccare for david and her boys. i think that's amazing.