Jul 22, 2007

Top Chef 3: Trippin' the Smile Fantastic

Our TC3 cheftestants smile and laugh more than my grandma at a family reunion. Watching this season is like sitting in a restaurant in Mr. Roger's Neighborhood - the treacle is as sticky as corn syrup. But I suggest that something else might be going on behind those happy visages and group hugs. Here, then, is the subtext behind all that smooching, hugging, and laughing.

Brian hee heeing (after hearing Joey describe his dish: "It's like an orgasm in your mouth.")

Casey snorting (when Hung says: "It’s all about finesse, style, grace, and elegance.")

CJ tee heeing (when Dale described his Quickfire dishes as: "Two of the best dishes I made in the competition.")

Dale guffawing (at learning that Casey's coffee mole sauce had a bitter licorice flavor to it.)

Joey sniggering (at the thought of Tre punching out stars and triangles for his apple tartini.)

Hung is happy that Casey is still alive after he tried to knife her.

Howie forming a self knowing smile (after hearing Joey say: "I don’t think there is any dish that can top mine right now.")

Sara N. smiling in relief (when she hears that the crew of telenovela Dame Chocolate left Lia's polente on their plate.)

Sara M. leaning in relief (when the judges say that all Sara N. made was a guacamole dip with chips.)

Anthony Bourdain forming a smirk, knowing his guest posts for Tom Colicchio's blog are so much better than the host's.

Lia's smile dissolving into tears: 'Sheeeit I'm gonna miss my new girlfriend.'

But she still manages a smile towards the end.

Even the numnut twins reconciled, making goo goo eyes at each other, tasting each others' food, and hugging like girlie girls. Sheez!

If you're still not convinced that this group of cheftestants is the nicest of the three TC groups, check out this Taste Test video in which a blindfolded Hung and Clay pit their taste buds against each other. The dayum tape is cuter than a litter of mewling kitty cats.


eric3000 said...

Yes; so far there is definitely less fighting. As long as Hung can keep from accidentally killing someone, this should be a pretty pleasant season.

Becca said...

I've noticed the love too. And the lack of buzz. Do you think the two are related?

Marius said...

Watching this season is like sitting in a restaurant in Mr. Roger's Neighborhood

LOL. Yes, this bunch is definitely more cohesive (and pleasant) than last season's group. And everyone seems to tolerate Hung, which is kind of surprising. Eric is right--Hung sucks at being an asshole.