Jul 30, 2007

Hell's Kitchen: And the final two competing for the top prize are....

Rock and Bonnie.


Sorry. All credibility for this show has flown out the window. Rock, the executive chef, had better win over Bonnie, the private chef, strike that, cook and nanny. (No, I was not for Jen. I was rooting for Julia, who is head above water ten thousand times more competent than Bonnie.)

I have no heart for recapping this piss poor episode. Here are some links if you are interested in reading about it:

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Chow Hound Board

Thank God I am able to wash down my disgust with a new episode of No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain. Right now he's in China. Ah, I feel cleansed. Except for the part of watching live fish being fried in hot oil. (The Chinese can be so casually cruel to their food. This is not the first time I have watched an example of a live fish being tortured to death for the sake of the Chinese concept of freshness.)


charmingdinnerguest said...

I agree with missing Julia but you must realize she was treated better than anyone else ever on the show.

As you know, she was told to get culinary training (at Ramsey's expense) and to "come back". Whatever that means, I'm not sure.

I don't think that she now has the experience to run her own restaurant (and I think Ramsey saw that), but she will in the future.

Ms. Place said...

You are so right, Charming. I only meant to point out, inadequately, that if an unworthy person was going to be chosen to go to the final round against Rock, it should have been Julia not Bonnie.

I didn't particularly like Jen, but Bonnie? Heaven forbid.

Anonymous said...

I was also routing for Julia too. I definitely didn't like Jen. I don't dislike Bonnie but I don't want her winning either. Since Julia's gone, I hope Rock gets it.

BML said...

I was shocked when Bonnie was chosen over Jen! I figured the final 2 would have been Rock and Jen...

Charlie said...

EVERYBODY on that show is bad. I wouldn't pay money to eat in any of their resturants. I was solidly behind Julia but there is no way she should have her own restaurant.

I think Hell's Kitchen would be a much better show if they just got people off the street and tried to teach them to cook in a hectic kitchen. As it stands it's just terrible cooks fucking up while cooking plain, ordinary food.

I watch though b/c Gordon is a babe. haha