Jul 23, 2007

Who is Danny Le Blanc and Why Doesn’t Someone Question His Tactics in Making An End Run Around the Democratic Process in Virginia?

In just a few short days Danny Le Blanc, an appointed NOT ELECTED official, will have his way: To quietly and without much fanfare begin the first steps in absorbing Adult Education in Virginia into the Community College System by next July. There were no public hearings. There was no invitation for Adult Education representatives to sit at the table. In fact, representatives from Adult Education heard quite by accident that these negotiations were about to be concluded before moving onto the next stage.

When Adult Ed proponents heard the news a week or so ago, it was almost too late to rally the masses and ask that their voices be heard. One individual told me that Danny was quite clear about not wanting Adult Education input and that Adult Ed's progress with GED students held no interest for him. My question for Danny is: Does he actually believe his ideas are so brilliant that they require no public scrutiny?

It amazes me that the newspapers have been quiet too. Are there any reporters in Virginia who know about this situation? Is Governor Tim Kaine not aware of the long-term ramifications of this surreptitious move? I understand this issue has been designated as a policy issue. Fair enough. Fine. Just have the decency to allow Adult Education proponents equal time for input.

Forget the policy issues (although that forum would have been the proper way to invite civilized dialogue); forget that in theory I agree that it makes more sense for the Community Colleges to absorb Adult Education; it’s this hush hush underneath-the-table approach that I take issue with.

Tell me Danny: Why are you so quiet? What's the rush? This barely informed mind wants to know.

Who is Danny Le Blanc, you might ask? This Washington Post article will refresh your memory.

If you have questions or are as curious as I am, call your local representative and ask him or her to speak to the Governor. Tell them and Danny's office and all community college representatives that "Nobody has explained how the community college system will be able to pick up the extra funding that is currently absorbed by the local school divisions. Unless ... will the Governor allocate funding to compensate for the difference?"

Better yet, call Danny Le Blanc and ask him straight out. And ask him why he excluded Adult Educators in the decision making process. Don't let him (or his staff) get away with some glib mumbo jumbo answer. Barely informed minds want to know. Here is Danny's number: (804) 692-0135

Thank you for your interest and support.


ArtfulSub said...

My sources say he's a mob-connected union-goon with considerable sway over democrat politicians.

Doralong said...

My question was actually why is this policy matter being handled by the "Senior Advisor to the Governor for Workforce" to begin with?

Personally I think they snuck that one in last summer when Gov. Kaine implemented the development of his Workforce Strategic Plan.. But personally it seems to me that it would fall to Superintendent Cannaday, in conjunction with the Community College System and VDOE to implement such changes.

But I'm simplistic like that. And artfulsub, dunno about the mob- but yes he spent many years with the Virginia AFL-CIO.

Anonymous said...

For lack of a more "legit" venue, why don't we hold a public hearing on the issue of realigning adult ed under the community college system right here? VAACE is against the move. Why? It's happening under the radar. Why? Who will benefit? Who will gain? Can adult ed actually be marginalized any further than it currently is? Doesn't Danny LeBlanc, as the ex-prez of the Virginia AFL-CIO have the credentials to do right by low-income people? Even if he hasn't sought public opinion, wouldn't he be likely to do the right thing (with a little prompting)?