Jul 18, 2007

Top Chef 3: It's Hung Being Hung, But Howie Won

Our sensitive Joey felt his head was up his ass.

Congratulations for winning the Quickfire Challenge with your outstanding Trio of Tarts.

But it was Pippi Lia Stocking's time to go. She chose to use mushy polenta instead of a tortilla for a Latino dish. Big mistake.

Bye Dahling!

Biggest surprise of the night? Joey and Howie making up and hugging big tough male style.

Who does Howie remind you of?

Thanking his new buddy, Howie presented Joey with the bottle of wine he received from guest judge Maria Frumkin.

Ahwww!! Aren't they sweet?


ArtfulSub said...

Great pics. You're gonna rock MUTE MONDAYS.

Marius said...

Yes, great pics! You never disappoint, Ms. Place. Oh, and Howie does look like one of the TMNTs. LOL

BigAssBelle said...

awwwww, that last photo . . . i was sitting with my mouth hanging open watching those two little boy lovebirds. overall, last night was pretty kickass.

Becca said...

Funlarious. Thanks for the laugh.