Jul 4, 2007

Museum of Depressionist Art Acquisition

The Museum of Depressionist Art has acquired another important painting: Still Life With Prozac, by Vincent Van Gark

The museum catalogue states about the artist: "His experiences with opium led to the "Whoa! Sunflowers, dude!" period, perhaps his best work although done in a state of chronic constipation brought on by the drug." Later on it mentions: "His first success came with "Corn Field with Crows on 'Shrooms." This was closely followed by "Yellow Room Bad Trip," "Wheat Field with Cypresses on Cocaine," and his masterpiece, "Starry Night on Blotter Acid."

To learn more about this little known painter and the museum itself, click here.


Linda Merrill said...

too funny!

ArtfulSub said...


OMG. GREAT FIND, CONTESSA. Each of the descriptions was funnier than the next.