Jul 24, 2007

Rory's Marketing Push to Win Next Food Network Star

I had seen Rory's ad asking people to vote for her on Perez Hilton's website and smiled at seeing American ingenuity at work. But according to this post from Second Helpings it seems she and her supporters went way overboard in soliciting votes.

And then there is a comment on Second Helpings from Jayne that helps to illuminate the situation more: "I think America got it right, but, Rory's reaction shocked me! She couldn't even bring herself to congratulate Amy and seemed to take the air out of Amy's victory by gathering up the cast to soothe her wounded ego. Very bizarre reaction. Disappointment is one thing, but, a narcissistic fit is rare to see on television."

In hindsight, I am doubly glad Amy won the Next Food Network Star. Here's a post on Reality Cooking about her win. Whoops, we used the same photo of Amy, but there are so few of her out in the ether that show up her personality. I suspect she is not as uptight or snooty as she sometimes appears to be.


delphine said...

I only watched a couple of episodes but I did not like Rory. She seemed to be in it for the fame, not the cooking. We will probably see her on follow up competition shows.

potty mouth princess said...

Darling, I totally forgot to post here that the linked article floored me and I shared with our friends at TWoP. I gave you the credit for unearthing that gem.

Based on Rory's Rachael Ray approach to cooking lazy, fat-laden meals, I dubbed her Gum-O, which stuck. The linked article makes me want to smack her Daddy and call her FameWhorey. An astute TWoP poster likened her to Veruca Salt, which is also apt.

Despite it all, Amy still won. Bourdain, and the People have spoken.

Ms. Place said...

Thank you PMP, you made my day. And Delphine, yeah, I thought so too about Rory. She is a complex woman - moving to Texas to be with her cowboy and then embarking on a sophisticated marketing campaign to garner votes.