Jul 5, 2007

Christian Dior's 60th Anniversary

John Galliano held his extravagant autumn/winter 2008 haute couture collection in honor of the House of Dior's 60th Anniversary on July 3 at the Orangerie at Versailles. The show was inspired by the works of Pablo Picasso, Giovanni Boldini and Leonardo da Vinci. Ms. Place, who has always admired Galliano's genius but not necessarily his runway presentations, is in awe of this gorgeous collection.

Gisele Bundchen
The detail in these gowns is exquisite

Olga Scherer

Falvia de Oliveira
Lily Cole
Amber Valletta
Linda Evangelista
Daily skin care, great genes. How fab can forty get?

Naomi Campbell
John and his muses
John Galliano channelling Picasso
Charlize Theron in the front row
Arriving, Dita Von Teese with her clothes on

See the entire collection here.


Gorgeous Things said...

Wow, what a collection! And La Evangelista still has got it. I with I could look half as good as she!

Linda Merrill said...

thanks for posting this, very beautiful. I like how they used models of different ages. Interesting to see Gisele B there. I was at a party in Boston last night at a friends condo, which is right next door to a building that Tom Brady owns. They had people there - so of course I was straining to get a Tom or Gisele siting! Didn't see either. The building is still undergoing extensive renovations so it's hard to imagine either was there, but there was a caddy Escalade livery service cooling it's jets out front...

Great view of the great fireworks!

potty mouth princess said...

Linda, if you see Tom, please wrestle Naomi's cell phone from her and hurl it at him. He's a Grade A asshole.

Didn't recognize Dita with clothing.

The collection? Wow. I could totally see Charlize Theron in some of those at next year's Oscars.

Ms. Place said...

Dahlings, how ladylike of you not to notice my grammar faux pas, which I corrected post haste. As always, it's nice to see you visit my humble blog.

trixie said...

fabulous collection. It is interesting to note how generic Charlize Theron lookes compared to the models -- especially the older models -- with more distinctive and less typically "pretty" features.

I like the artist's palette motif with the genius artist Picasso taking the final bow. He doesn't lack for a strong ego!

The delicious gown and hat confectons seem to be a nod to the royal excess the Spanish baroque.

I think it would take a woman with a strong personality -- and a sense of humor -- to carry these off.

trixie said...

ms. p -- don't worry about your errors-- what errors? -- they are nothing compared to all my sloppy typos! - t

Big Fella said...

Actually, the photographer touched up that picture of Naomi, here is the original picture, of Naomi on her pedestal:


Be afraid, very afraid.

Big Fella said...

Let's try that pho link again (string all the characgers below together, with no spaces):


Ms. Place said...

Hello, Trixie. Yes, indeed it takes one with a strong sense of self to carry off these gowns. One must be big boned and tall as well.

As for Naomi on a pedestal, Big Fella that was pretty funny.

eric3000 said...


Dior's 48 collection was one of my favorites of all time. I used it as the inspiration for my senior collection in design school. I didn't realize it was the year he opened his design house, though.

Marius said...

You know, I didn't recognize Amber Valletta. I adore her. She was wonderful in the movie Hitch. Eva still looks beautiful. I hope she's lost the attitude.

This collection is amazing!