Jul 10, 2007

You Don't Know Dick...

... But you will when you watch this John Stewart video from a Daily Show sketch about Cheney. Funny, smart, and right on the money.


Doralong said...

I laughed so hard I choked.. That's one of the reasons I have the Stewart-Colbert '08 bumper sticker..

But I guess I ought to let my kids get their news from CNN or something instead to the Daily Show and the BBC.. Umm, then again we'll just leave it as is, one needs a good appreciation of the absurd to get along in the world these days.

Big Fella said...

Jon Stewart has it waaay too easy these days, Bushliburton insures he never runs out of material.

By the way, here is why Deadeye Dick pulled his puppet strings and got Dubya to start the war: