Jul 30, 2007

Dog Days of Summer? Not for These Working Dogs

Rachel, a rescue dog, with her master

Doberman female thanking a fireman for saving her and her puppies from a house fire.

Stray mother dog that saved a baby

Search and rescue dogs in training

Velvet, the dog that kept three lost Mt. Hood climbers warm

Paws for Healing dog with patient

Blind singer with his guide dog

Working guard dogs
Therapy Dog
Explosives sniffing dog playing with his handler in Iraq

World Trade Center Rescue Dog

Gus, a Pentagon search dog, 9-11

Aiken searching for a missing injured man in a cave in Great Britain

Rescued Katrina dogs

Door help (Therapy Dog)

Dr. Darcy with his favorite patient Dan

Last, but not least, I could hardly see the next video clip for the tears. The eyes of the rescued Hurricane Katrina dogs say it all.

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she said...

oh girl. you win hands down. my eyes are stingin'. those katrina dogs! and the blind man's singing lab. what a great take on the assignment. loved it!

when cat people try and tell me how superior they are to dogs i always say "i didn't see any cats pulling people out the the rubble after 9/11, did you?"

excellent post. thank you.

Ms. Place said...

You are so welcome, She. And your doggie photos rocked as well. I saw from your blog what a dog lover you are. Soul mates!

Ambre said...


Jen said...

What a neat idea, very touching!

ArtfulSub said...

Happy Mute Monday. Great pics, great interpretation. Working dogs and the (mostly) volunteers who make them possible ROCK!

Doralong said...

Nothing against the felines.. but life without dogs would be the abyss of hell for me. And she put it perfectly- dogs have a sense of responsibility.

My big male sleeps in the hall in between the kids rooms every night guarding "his" children, in spite of the orthopedic dog bed large enough to constitute a love seat. He'll only nap on that during the day.

Whenever the husband is away on business he rounds the house all night long "check on Mom, check the kids, sniff all the doors"- and I do mean all night long!

Anonymous said...

I love what you did with the theme. Those pictures are all amazing. I love it. Happy Mute Monday! :o)

Madame X said...

OMG... kudos to you for the great spin on this week's theme. I've been crying for the past week over my 2 angels that I've lost. The Katrina video just pulled the heartstrings and tears more.

Anonymous said...

I agree! You are a royal winner!

Lovely pictures and a loving tribute.



Ms. Place said...

Thank you all for your kind comments, but the real kudos go to Art for thinking up this topic. I've seen most everyone's contributions, and this week's Dog Days theme rocked.

I so feel for you Madame X for your loss. My dog died last year and there isn't a day I still miss him.

When I think of how much are lives are enhanced by our canine friends, I can talk forever.

Marius said...

Love the pics! And I agree with everyone; this is an excellent post! Ah, Ms. Place, it's always a joy to read your blog. :)

becca said...

Oh, this made me cry and miss Beau my terrier. Thanks for the doggie picture.