Jul 5, 2007

Bourdain Pummels Hell's Kitchen

Oh, my. Ms. Place's lighthearted attempts at putting Hell's Kitchen in its place holds no candle to Anthony Bourdain's scathing review of the show on Ruhlman's blog. Had Anthony been as two-thumbed in the kitchen as me, he could have made his living as a critic. Or better yet, a reality t.v. writer.

Here's another take on the last episode, which sucked as far as cooking went but made for great t.v. And for those of you who just can't get enough of foodie reality t.v., here's another link.

If you want to review my recap of the last episode, just click on the Hell's Kitchen tag below.

And how did I miss this? According to a May article in Salon, Chef Ramsey is slated to be replaced by his nemesis Marco Pierre White in the New Hell's Kitchen. Oh, double my.


CheesesteakDude said...

Hey, I really appreciate the link. I got a chance to look over your blog and I'm liking what I see. I definitely intend on becoming a regular visitor now. Thanks again!

Ms. Place said...

Ditto. And thanks Dude. We'll be seeing each other. Wanna bet two chefs are slated to go next?

CheesesteakDude said...

I'm thinking that Josh and Bonnie have to be next but if Melissa should have another week last last week, all bets are off.

Big Fella said...

Yeah, Bourdain and everyone else have this season figured out. What always pops in to my mind, is who are the people who show up as "customers", are they paying for the privlege, or are they getting paid for providing warm bodies. The whole show is bogus, but what the hell, its kinda fun to watch all the backstabbing, braggadocio and incompetence and DRAAAAAAMA.

Once this season is over, the only one of the "contestants" that will return to a real cooking job is going to be the Waffle House girl.