Jul 1, 2007

July 4th Symbol: The Bald Eagle

Last month when I walked my pooch along the James River, I saw the grandest sight one can imagine in this beautiful land: A bald eagle swooping in a graceful arc over the water. The bird wasn't an osprey and it wasn't a hawk, two species of birds that are also thriving along our river's green ways.

The bald eagle's comeback since it plummeted to the edge extinction in the days of D.D.T. is nothing short of spectacular. Recently it was taken off the endangered list and I'm not happy about this development. In order for this magnificent bird to thrive it must have space and freedom, and privacy along rivers, lakes, and cliffs. All are considered prime real estate land.

Considering how swiftly developers will find ways to appropriate this land for their own enrichment, and how solidly the powers that be will support them against the interest of this bird, this latest move is rather stupid. Reproduction rates for the bird will slow when breeding sites and game animals disappear, placing the bird in danger again. Why not leave well enough alone?

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ArtfulSub said...

I think they'll continue to do really well here, but worry about what will happen to the smaller populations in areas with more stressors like air/water pollution and limited food sources. And areas that don't have strict State and Local development standards.

We build in harmony with nature and the bald eagles around here don't seem to mind living in close proximity to humans.

I also think it's dishonest of proponents to talk about the Gross numbers. HALF of that number are in ONE State.